Technocharm (technocharm) wrote in pink_n_lacy,

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Told YOU so.

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OMFG. Kawaii deshou! *-*
Nice shoe. I've seen it, but I can tell you anyways.
Is that the community in the back? lol
*gigglesnort* XD
Yea, actually. xD
SO cute! <3 them, collie!
xD I know SOMEONE who's bitter at me cause I got the pink ones. LALALA lol, and I'm sure you and I can guess who it is.... ?
If you don't mind me saying so! Nice find.
OMG OMG!! Those are so provocative!!!!
wow, hope you don't mind if i comment, but that is the hottest shoe i have ever seen
sorry, i'm like in love with pink shoes
OMG they are divine....where can i get them from? oh n plz add me a friend Im such a damn newbie duno wat im doin!
luv the page
mwah xxxx