loveleigh (moombachan) wrote in pink_n_lacy,

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'_____' mmm new community

ooohhh an EGL community that's run by Collie? Two for one! XD

Hmmmm.....well I've been TRYING to go more lolita lately; I have tons of lacey-ribbony-frilly stuff but never wear it! *too lazy to shave her legs so she can wear a skirt to school* XD;

BUUUUT this semester I have a sewing class! Yep, well, it's Independent Study for Fashion Design, which is basically sewing '.' so I'm going to make tons of EGL clothes! This GL girl in my class asked me to make clothes for her after seeing some of my concept drawings, so I'm flattered :3 First on my list is a petticoat! or something really frilly....

Props to all you pretty girlies who can pull off such a dramatic look! :D
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